What and Who is The Unicorn Phoenix Goddess?


How many times have you read stories of people who manifested their dream lives? How many times have you opened Facebook or whichever social media platform of your choice and are regaled with stories of people who have found true success? If you are anything like me, then you read those with a mix of slight disbelief, a pang of envy, as well as a deep seeded desire to know how they did it.

Manifestation and The Law of Attraction are incredibly powerful and invaluable tools, that when mastered will give you a life beyond your wildest dreams, will shatter glass ceilings, a life in which you do not need an escape from, one that you will be posting about, a life in which others will look at and wonder how you achieved it.

When the Unicorn Phoenix Goddess was first started, it was lacking a clear vision or niche, it was lacking that magic that set it apart from the plethora of other coaching services. The only inkling of a niche it has was wanting to help people manifest all their deepest desires and beyond through the wonderful world of “woo.” Yet, after seeing the issues plaguing the coaching industry right now Unicorn Phoenix Goddess found a true niche which embodies the complete vision and ideals of its founder Courtney.

There are many coaches our founder has dreamt of working with, yet their sticker shock had left her feeling a little dismayed and hopeless. Unlike many within this industry, here are Unicorn Phoenix Goddess we will always be priced to assist you no matter where you may be on your journey. We will always offer a variety of services to fit every budget, because it is our mission to never price ourselves out of helping those who would truly benefit from our services.

Courtney spent many years working as an advocate for mental health, it is something she will never stop doing, yet when we discovered manifestation and the law of attraction as well as life coaching she noticed there was a disappointing lack of services tailored to those living with mental health. Far too often she was greeted with programs whose main message was to just think happy thoughts, to keep the vibes high, to affirm away these emotions. Yet, for those with mental health it is far more complicated and complex than those without mental health truly understand. That is when she had her aha moment for the direction for the Unicorn Phoenix Goddess. We offer programs, posts, videos, and more tailored to helping those who live with and battle mental health every day learn how to master the law of attraction and manifestation. We understand that life is not always squirrels dancing on a cake in a purple tutu. We understand that life for those living with mental health, there are great days, days where you feel unstoppable, but there are also many days where you feel totally zapped of all energy and motivation. We allow you the time and space to feel everything you need to, while teaching you how to manage those dark days.

We teach our clients how to manage their mental health through many aspects from the wonderful world of “woo,” including, but not limited to meditation, affirmations, clean living, tarot, free journaling, and much more. For us, it is all about finding the balance between mind, body, and soul, because it is when all 3 are in sync with one another we truly unlock our full potential, we tap into our limitless power, we unleash our inner Unicorn Phoenix Goddesses. We have a deep seeded belief that anyone can manifest a life they never thought possible, that anyone can manage their mental health. It is also our mission to take the taboo and make it far less intimidating. We show our clients that there is nothing dark or sinister about tarot, crystals, divination or the many other tools we implement in our services.

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About Courtney Luke

Courtney Luke, while new to the spiritual life coaching industry, has spent over 15 years working as a mental health advocate. She has a firm belief that a life with mental health doesn’t mean we cannot have all that we desire and more. Her life has been anything but easy, yet she regrets none of it, for without it she wouldn’t be the strong, passionate, and baddass woman she is today.

She had spent the last 5 years unable to work due to her mental and physical health, trying everything under the sun to find relief. Then, after nearly dying 3 years ago due to complications from the medications she had been on for her mental health diseases she decided in that moment there had to be a better way to manage her mental and physical health.  She turned to her vast and ever-expanding knowledge on all things “woo” to find an alternative. She used her over 20 years of studying crystals, aromatherapy, meditation and more to manage her health.

When not working with clients or on the blog, Courtney is usually found binge watching Netflix, spending time outdoors, or going on adventures with her service dog Freya Rose Luke. She is a lover and addict of all things self-development as well as an avid reader. Much of what she teaches her clients she implements into her daily life.