What and Who is The Unicorn Phoenix Goddess?


Here at The Unicorn Phoenix Goddess we teach our clients how to find and master the intrinsic balance between their mind, body, and soul. Through 1:1 sessions, intensives, blog posts, Facebook groups and more we give our clients every tool they need to master the art of Manifestation & Law Of Attraction. We teach them, that they alone have the power to create whatever life they desire, to attract the health, wealth, and success they only thought was a pipe dream. We go beyond just talking to our clients, because we touch on every aspect of their life. We teach them that by integrating aspects such as yoga, meditation, spirit work, eating a healthy well balanced diet, & introducing a regular exercise routine, can have massive impacts on their lives, on their outlook, as well as of course their ability to manifest their desires. Within us all we have this raging fire, this unstoppable force of unlimited power, we have the ability to create absolutely anything at all. There are no limits, no glass ceilings. We are only limited by ourselves and the thoughts and stories we tell ourselves. The problem that many face is they don’t realize they have this power, or they know it, but are unaware of how to tap into it. People lack the necessary belief in themselves, in the Universe, in their worth. They get held back by the limiting beliefs they have learned over the years. We teach our clients how to smash through those blocks and re-frame those beliefs. We teach them how to love themselves again, how to find positivity even when it feels like everything is falling apart, we teach them how connect with their authentic selves, and how to fight back when the ego tries to get in the way.


About Courtney Luke

Courtney Luke is a Spiritual Life Coach who helps her clients find & foster the intrinsic balance between mind, body, and soul. She has always had a passion for helping others, a knack for giving advice, and a innate ability at helping others see their path, their potential, and their value. She implements the same systems and tools into her sessions, that she herself, uses daily. Through years of studying, learning, and growing she has found her calling with life coaching. Before pursuing a career as a life coach, she worked as an advocate raising awareness for those suffering from various mental health ailments. With her calm energy and positive outlook, she helps her clients feel at ease, while also helping them work through years of blocks and to re-frame limiting beliefs. For her, the greatest gift is watching someone, whether it be a client or a friend unleash their power, find their value and worth, and manifest their desires.

Through her spiritual life coaching practice she gives her clients the tools they need to succeed. For her, coaching is all about building lasting relationships with her clients, teaching them about how to find the necessary balance between mind, body, and soul through various aspects such as meditation, yoga, healthy eating habits, crystals, and more. She helps her clients to connect with their authentic selves, to find peace amidst the chaos that is our daily lives, and to achieve their desires. While she may be new to coaching, she is not new to helping others. Having been the one many come to for advice, becoming a life coach was her way of unleashing her own Unicorn Phoenix Goddess. Having overcome much adversity over the years, she understands how frustrated and upsetting life can be, she understands how it can leave one feeling dejected and rattled. She understands how it can rock and wreak havoc on ones self-esteem, outlook, and relationships.