What and Who is The Unicorn Phoenix Goddess?


The Unicorn Phoenix Goddess is the culmination of years of struggle, strife, and perseverance’s coinciding with a innate desire to not only help others, but to also create true financial independence. First and foremost, we are a blog dedicating to discussing a wide variety of topics from human rights to the wonderful world of “woo.” We have passions and interests across vast spectrum’s and this blog is a reflection of them. We make no apologies for our posts or the content within them and we stand by what we say. There may be posts containing triggering subjects, curse words, covering what some would consider taboo, and a whole host of other topics. This blog is a conglomeration of the thoughts and passions of it’s creator and writer. While the main function of this site and company are a blog, our goals and mindset are always focused on growth.¬†

Within the next several months, we will be adding an E-Commerce store through Shopify, as well as our own fully customizable  products which will be available through various platforms and sellers such as Amazon Homemade, Etsy, Facebook, and Pinterest. The hope and dream for this company has always been to start small, but to expand, to be able to over a diverse variety of products and services. 

The owner and creator behind The Unicorn Phoenix Goddess Brand has always been one who didn’t shy away from sharing her stories of perseverance and struggle with the world, she has always been one that everyone knew they could come to for advice, for assistance, for inspiration. She spent years sharing bits and pieces of her stories through Facebook with inspirational posts highlighting not only her challenges but also how she always managed to find the silver lining, to find the lessons within each of those challenges. She used this as a platform to inspire others to face their own challenges, as a way to help them understand they were not alone, as a way to share her story. However, she could only reach so many people through Facebook and many of her posts get lost as more posts get added, which means she is unable to reach as many people as she would like. It was after several conversations with some of her closest friends, after years of being unable to work due to her health, after years of inspiring people through Facebook, she decided to finally create The Unicorn Phoenix Goddess. For her, she always knew she wanted this company to be far more than a blog, but she felt the blog would be the perfect place for her to start. Writing for her, has always been a therapy, has always been the one constant in her life, has always been how she made sense of all the chaos, it was always the one thing that came naturally to her. It is her greatest hope and desire that as you read through the blog, you are able to find posts that you can relate to, posts that inspire and uplift you, posts that help you in some way. It has always been her life mission to help others. So please read through our blog and be sure to check back frequently to see all the updates we will be adding!

We Hope You Have A Magical Day!