The New Coach Dilemma


Making the decision to become a spiritual life comes with it’s own set of unique challenges and obstacles one must overcome in order to become successful, to become the best possible coach they can be, to become what they’re clients need. We deal with backlash from people who fail to understand that this career choice is so much more than just telling someone how to live their life, with our own insecurities over our lack of experience, with all the highs and pitfalls of being an entrepreneur. 


For me, my biggest hurdle in becoming a life coach is the self-doubt. There are so many times, when I as a spiritual life coach, like many new coaches, question my abilities, because I lack the experience, I lack the credentials, I lack the credibility. There are times where I feel like a fraud, because I haven’t been in this profession very long. But then I remember, the vast amount of lives I have touched before I decided to become a coach, I remember all the the conversations I have had with people where they have told me that I have helped them transform themselves, find themselves,love themselves. There are the times when I am talking to my roommate or an another friend about why I chose to become a life coach in the first place and just through talking to them I am reminded of the impact I have had on their life. There are also times where I am sitting there giving them advice for their own quandaries and I just see it click, I see them find that light, that hope, I see them have that aha moment. Those are the times where I am reminded just how good I am at what I do. It is in those moments of self-doubt that I take time to remember why I chose this profession, that I take time to reflect back upon my life, upon the experiences that have shaped me, upon the journey I have taken, upon the moments that could’ve broken me, but rather molded and motivated me. I look back upon all that I have done, all that I have overcome and remind myself that all of that led me to here, to this moment, to this path. All of that has given me a perspective and outlook few others possess and I feel it is my responsibility to  pass my wisdom, my experience, my knowledge onto others. I overcame all that I have because my purpose in life is to help others, is to make a impact, is to be a beacon of love, light, hope, and positivity.


The advice that I give, the experiences I have had, the life I have lived, the unwavering passion I have for helping others, my undeniable willingness to share my own experiences, to be so open, so forthright with my struggles, with my past, with all of who I am, are what makes me a great coach. It is the fact that whether you are my friend or my client, which my goal as a coach is to build a lasting relationship with each of my clients, you will get the same person. The Unicorn Phoenix Goddess and Courtney Luke are one in the same, who I am doesn’t change when I work with my clients, this is not some persona for me. I give the same advice to my friends as I do my clients, the tools, tips, and techniques I teach them, I utilize in my daily life. For me, my greatest goal as a coach is to change the world for my clients, because I understand that by changing their world, they will become the best possible version of themselves and hopefully go on to change the world for others, who will then do the same, and so forth. I look up to and hope to embody people like Tony Robbins, Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, Robin Williams, and Chester Bennington not because of their celebrity status, but because of the impacts they have made in my life and countless others. If I can touch or change just one person’s life as they have then I know I have successfully done my job as a coach, I know I have made an impact. They are all pioneers in their field who work tirelessly to raise awareness on key issues, who give their followers hope, who give them purpose, and for me that is the most amazing thing.


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