What Do Women Really Want?

What do Women Truly Want?

What do women want? Its a question many men ask themselves frequently, it is a question that has perplexed many for eons. As a woman who has dated both men and women, who has had numerous conversations with women on this very subject, who follows women from all walks of life this is a question I myself have pondered many times.

Men it is time to rejoice, for I am here to give you what I know of what women want. Obviously, this does not pertain to all women, but the vast majority of them would agree with me here. There are also plenty more which I shall add as time goes on.

Most women, at least in my case and experience, do not care as much for big expensive gifts, they do not want you to spoil them with diamonds, with shopping sprees and fancy dinners. They would much prefer to have your time, your respect, your love. Women want to feel important, they want to feel needed, they want to feel like they matter. They want to know that if they are going to invest their time, their heart, their soul, the future into you that you will do the same.

We want someone we can be silly with, someone who can make us laugh until our cheeks & stomach hurt. We want someone who we can have Nerf wars with, someone who we can enjoy life with.

We want someone who will see all the “broken” pieces of us, the “flaws”, the parts we hide from the world, the chaos, the darkness and love all of them just as fiercely as they love our light.

We want someone who we can sit on a rooftop with a 3 am under the star talking about life, the future, our hopes, dreams, our fears, about the existential, about whether or not tacos are life (which they are), about everything and nothing.

We wants someone whose effort matches our own, who makes us a priority, who never makes us question their love or commitment to us.

We want forehead kisses, we want someone who is willing to say sorry, someone who holds our hands, someone who wants to show us off, someone who wants to know who we are at our core.

We want someone who doesn’t just see the outer beauty, but also sees the beauty within us. Someone who not only compliments our looks but our intelligence, our drive, our ambition, all that we bring to the table.

We want someone who wants to see us rise, who doesn’t feel that it is a competition, who is happy when we succeed, who supports our dreams, our goals, our ambitions just as we do theirs.

We want someone who falls in love with us a bit more each day.

We want someone who doesn’t just give up when things get tough, someone who is willing to fight for us, who is adult enough to communicate, to stay and try to fix things.

We want someone who is willing to be honest with us, who is willing to be vulnerable with us, who is willing to face their fears with us.

We want someone who wants to experience life and all its up and downs with us.

We want someone who feels like home, who when they wrap their arms around us, all the pain, all the anger, all the bullshit just melts away. Someone whose very voice soothes our soul.

We want someone who will choose us over others (Now I am not saying we need to be the most important person in your life but aside from from family and your besties, we should be in the top 3-5)

We want someone who texts us “Good Morning, Good Night, Drive Safe, I Love You, I was thinking of you”

We want someone who never stops trying to keep that spark alive, who never lets the fun fade away, who never lets the love slip.

We want someone who will play with our hair, who will rub our backs while we fall asleep.

We want someone who challenges us to be better, to achieve more, to grow. Who doesn’t want to see us in pain, who is 100% in, who loves us unconditionally.

We want someone who we can share our feelings with, who we can be vulnerable with, who will not judge us, who will in turn do the same with us.

Many women, actually don’t mind when you get jealous (now I am not talking punch out every guy who looks at your woman kinda jealous.) I am talking holding us close in public, being proud to have us in your life, I am talking making sure the world knows we are yours and you are ours.

We want someone we can grow old with, we can build a life and a future with.

As Always,

My Beautiful Badass Unicorn Phoenix Goddesses I Hope You Have A Magical Day!


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