FINALLY, After Months of Promising….

WE HAVE A NEW STORE!!!!!!! I have been working NIGHT AND DAY on creating hundreds of new designs for our shop. So far I only have a few of the designs uploaded to our shop, but I am adding more each day. It takes a while to add each product, to get their sizing and placement correct which means my next several days will be filled with the task of getting the already created designs uploaded onto our products. Once I have all of those up, I will be working on several more designs as I have a multitude of ideas and plans for more designs.

Check out our new shop here: Phoenix Goddess Shop

When I created this company and then this blog, my plan was always to have a shop. In the beginning it was laziness that kept me from created a shop.  I had tons of motivation for the company, but I became me own worst enemy. I started out strong with tons of posts, tons of effort, but because I wasn’t getting the response I had hoped for, I found myself discouraged and dismayed. I started making excuses for my lack of posts, for my lack of effort, for the passion I had once had. It wasn’t all laziness though, as living life as a spoonie is exhausting and wrought with challenges. It can be incredibly difficult to stay motivated, to stay focused, to maintain consistency. Life got complicated, it got stressful, and painful for a while there, I went through massive life changes and needed to take some time to myself, to heal, to recover, to find myself. I spent the last several months doing major healing, major work on myself, on my soul, on so many aspects of my life. Aside from the laziness and battles with mental health, the other biggest component that kept me from creating this shop and our products was my lack of experience/ knowledge on how to create products and designs, on where to sell said products and designs, on where to even begin. I allowed my lack of experience and knowledge to convince myself that I wasn’t good enough to even sell products, to create designs, to have any sort of shop. However, after YEARS of struggling financially, of bouncing from idea to idea from company to company, of failing, of learning, of growing I decided to really buckle down and give this a real shot. My designs are incredibly simple for now as I am still learning, but despite their simplicity I am immensely proud of myself for creating them in the first place. I am in the process of teaching myself Photoshop and will be teaching myself Illustrator so that I am able to create even more complex and beautiful designs. For now though, I hope y’all enjoy the designs I have created! Be sure to check the shop daily as I have a plethora of designs to upload!


As Always My Beautiful Badass Unicorn Phoenix Goddesses,
I Hope You Have A Magical Day