The Time For My Next Adventure Has Arrived

For those who know me, I tend to be a bit of a modern-day gypsy. By that I mean, every few years I pack up and move to a new location. I am quite fond of my nomadic lifestyle, even though I am quite aware it is not for everyone. For me though, I am not just moving because I feel like it. Ever since I left California, I have found myself searching for a place that felt like home. For a while there, Pennsylvania came close to giving me that feeling I had been seeking. However, after years of bouncing around Bucks County and creating a lot of memories, many of which weren’t so great I was ready to move on. Then I got married, which took me back to Jersey briefly, but the marriage didn’t last for reasons I discuss in a previous post. At that point I was even more done with the East Coast than I had already been. Which meant once again, I was in search of my next place to reside.

A friend of mine whom I had connected with through a manifestation group I had belonged to offered to let me stay with her in Georgia. It was a state that had been on my list to check out, so I decided to give it a shot. However, after a little less than a year my time in Georgia was coming to a close. Back to the search I went, when an old college friend offered to let me stay with them. They were living in Florida which wasn’t a place on my list for so many reasons, but it was that or go back North, which was an even less desirable choice. For most, Florida is a dream state to live, I was never one of those people. Between the weather with its hurricanes and stifling humidity, the fact that it was a tourist state meant lots of people crammed together, lots of traffic, lots of noise, and not a lot of land or room to spread out, it was never a blip on my radar. However, I put my apprehensions and reservations aside and decided to not judge the state until I moved there.

After a long and incredibly exhausting 8-hour drive, I found myself in beautiful Bradenton. Despite the fact that my friend’s condo was about 15 minutes from the beaches and the development was located in pretty much the middle of everything, it was located in a bird sanctuary with gorgeous landscaping. You do however tend to hear quite a bit of the street noise and there aren’t sidewalks for the development, but generally most people pay attention to the pedestrians walking on the roads, so they were minor things. Especially, when I didn’t plan to spend much time indoors with the water so close and a beautiful development to wander. My first hurricane season/summer here was a breeze, which was a very welcomed scenario for me. Yes, it was hot and humid, but wasn’t as unbearable as I had expected, and I spent quite a few days at the beach or at one of the many pools in my development. Weather in Florida is quite special, as it can be bright and sunny one moment then five minutes later downpouring with some thunder and lightning, then back to bright and sunny after another 10 minutes or so. I don’t mind that so much as I love me a good thunderstorm and the rain. My first hurricane season started and to be honest I was quite nervous as I am quite the anxious person. Yet, as hurricane season was winding down, I was shocked as I had experienced worse storms up North. I thought to myself, this wasn’t as bad as I was expecting, my thoughts and perceptions of Florida were shifting. I also understood, this was only one season, but so far, I was pleasantly surprised.

However, that was all about to change when the toxic algae boom RED TIDE grew out of control. For those of you whom have never experienced the incredibly undesirable misfortune that is Red Tide, I will break it down for you. Red tide is a horribly destructive and toxic algae bloom that destroys the delicate ecological system of the ocean and any bodies of water is in. It also smells absolutely foul, especially when you factor in the mass amounts of fish it kills, which wash up on shore and begin to bake and rot in the hot Florida sun. Keep in mind, where we live in Florida we are surround by different bodies of water from the ocean to a few bays, all of which were affected by red tide. Red tide can also be a health hazard for people with everything from rashes caused by swimming in affected waters to breathing issues. For most people, aside from the smell they’re pretty unaffected by red tide. I, however, am not most people which meant that I was pretty much confined to my house. In order to go to the grocery store or walk my dogs (which we tried to keep their walks as short as possible, as we didn’t want them affected either) I had to wear one of those masks’ painters wear. It helped a bit, but I would still find myself coughing with awful headaches anytime I was outdoors. This bloom was also one of the longest and largest in history and decimated much of Florida’s water based ecological systems. It left many of the residents like myself unable to enjoy the outdoors for months. So here I was in what many would consider paradise unable to enjoy it. Eventually, a few months ago the bloom subsided, and we were able to enjoy the outdoors again. Or so I thought, first came the nearly unbearable heat which I had already been expecting, then came the multiple cases of people contracting and some dying from a flesh-eating bacteria from our waters. Once again, I find myself unable to enjoy the outdoors because I am not taking any chances with contracting anything like that. Generally, so long as you don’t have open cuts or wounds you should be fine, but people who have compromised immune systems are far more susceptible and the bacteria isn’t always transferred through any cuts or wounds.

When you also factor, that like most southern states Florida is a very deep red state regarding politics, I am reaching my point of being done with Florida and ready to move onto my next destination. It’s beautiful here, but definitely not where I want to reside for much longer.

While I will always maintain a bit of my nomadic gypsy lifestyle, I am really starting to search for a place to settle down, to set roots, to call home for many years. I will have a bus that I will be converting to a tiny house, when I wish to travel and experience all the beauty and culture this country has to offer, but now it is time to find my forever state and town. Currently, Oregon is leading my list as it finally brings me back to the West coast which is where my heart will always reside to some degree. Yet, California is quite expensive, especially when my desire for a decent amount of land is factored in. I also never want to be landlocked as I love being within a few hours of the ocean. Oregon, while yes it can be quite expensive, they have more of what I am looking for than just about any other coastal state. The weather is far more tolerable yearly than any of my previous locations, they have quite the massive organic and self-sustainability community, tend to be a relatively blue state in regards to politics, have tons to do outdoors, a huge smattering of adorable small towns and activities, and quite a bit more to offer. All in all, I feel that Oregon is going to be the fit I have been seeking.

Now the goal is to save up money from my vinyl craft business I will be starting soon then to Oregon I go. 


As Always My Beautiful Badass Unicorn Phoenix Goddess and Gods,

I Hope You Have A Magical Day!