Scripting Success

I was recently introduced to scripting by one of my best friends and let me tell y’all, it is amazing! This is the perfect way to manifest your desires while also helping to seriously raise those vibes. I love starting my day off with some scripting as it puts me in the perfect mindset to get my day going! Although a little intimidating at first, once you do your first one, you realize how easy it is. This is one of the best additions I have made to my daily routine. This is one of the simplest but also most effective tools I have ever used.

First things first though, what exactly is scripting? Scripting is where you write out your day, how you want it to go, the things you want to manifest, all the wonderful aspects of it. However, you write it as if it already happened. This is very important as it helps it to manifest quicker, that intention and belief are essential.

For example:

Today I had the absolute best day ever, my blog got 15 new followers! It feels amazing to know that all the hard work I have been putting into it is paying off, that I am able to reach more people with each passing day. I also managed to walk 3 miles which is a huge accomplishment for me, as the longest I have been able to go is 2 miles. I am so proud of the progress I have been making in regard to my exercise. I am so over the moon at all the growth I have been making recently. I look forward to seeing what other changes are in store for me. Bright and beautiful things are on the horizon for me right now! I am manifesting all the desires and then some!

As you can see, I am writing about things that I want to manifest into my life such as a better workout routine and followers for my blog. What you script is up to you, there is no wrong or right way to do it either. The best advice I was given is to use a mix of stuff that you know will happen as well as things you want to happen. By having that mix of things, you know plus what you want to happen, it will help the later become more believable. Above is a very short example for what my scripting typically looks like, but how long or short you make yours is up to you.

Another great thing to do with your scripting is to voice memo it or video it! You could even take it one step further and do a daily scripting conversation with a friend. By doing this, you can help to keep one another accountable while also ensuring that you both start your day off with super fucking awesome and positive vibes.


As Always My Beautiful Badass Unicorn Phoenix Goddesses I Hope You Have A Magical Day!


We all have these secret or even not so secret desires for what we would like to manifest into our lives, we have this vision for our future, for our present, this list of things that we want, to make our life better. Yet, many of us do not know of the power of manifestation or may-hap we just do not understand how to get it to work for us. These are 5 tips for manifesting all your desires and then some. Remember that this is the first step to creating the life beyond your wildest dreams. Before we start, I want you to go into this with an open and limitless mind, with a strong belief in your heart, I want you to dedicate a minimum of 30 minutes to these steps.



Does it mean having true love?

Does it mean having massive groups of friends?

Does it mean having a plethora of followers?

Does it mean living in a your dream house?

Does it mean driving your dream car?

Does it mean traveling the world?

Does it mean living in a tiny house?

Does it mean having several acres of land?

Does it mean having more money than you know what to do with?

Abundance is a word filled with many meanings depending upon who you are, what your desires are, the life you have lived and so many more factors. When we are trying to manifest more abundance in our lives it is imperative to first figure out what exactly it is we want to manifest an abundance of. This is the time when you want to be as specific as possible, it is not enough to simple say “ I want a boatload of money” or “ I want to have several acres.” The Universe loves specificity, it loves when you create a clear vision and plan for what it is that you are seeking. Instead say “ I want to make $100,000 a month” or “I want to own 50 Acres.” By changing it up in those subtle little ways, you allow yourself to create a starting point, a goal to work towards, you tell the Universe exactly what you want. This brings us to our next step in manifesting your desires. What exactly does your desires look like? Use as much detail as possible, describe the sights, sounds, smells, feelings, everything. If it is a house, decorate the house how you would love it. If it is true love, describe your dream or ideal partner, how they would make you feel, describe your first date, describe how they would treat you.

No matter what it is you are seeking, you want to create a vivid visualization using as much detail as possible. You want to create such a clear visual that it evokes strong emotions from you whenever you think about having it. When we are trying to manifest our desires, the feelings & emotions behind them are the fuel that propels that dream into existence that much quicker. You want to create such a strong vision that the Universe has not choice but to give you exactly what you want. Another tip, is when you are writing your desires (always hand write it, as your handwriting makes it that much more powerful) always end it with THIS OR SOMETHING BETTER. By adding that little bit at the very end, you do not end up inadvertently limiting yourself from attracting even more of what you seek into your life. The whole point is to dream beyond your wildest dreams, to not set limits upon yourself. Also write them in present tense, not the future. So instead of saying “I will” or “ I want” say instead “I own” “I am” “I have” etcetera.



Why exactly do you want to manifest your desires?

How will it make you feel?

What sort of impact will having your desires have on your life?

Who else will be affected by your manifestation?

What do you plan to do once you have your manifestations in your life?

Your why is an incredibly crucial step when it comes to manifesting all of your desires. If you do not know why you wish to manifest them, how can you expect the Universe to give them to you. By understanding why exactly and what exactly you plan to do with them you create a more clear vision, you form a stronger belief in your vision, you are able to evoke the feelings easier. As I have said before the feelings & belief are essential when it comes to manifestation, without them you will not achieve all that you seek. Like before when you were writing your desires, you want to use as much detail as possible. The point is when you read this and say it aloud (the spoken words has immense power) you can see your desires clearly, you feel all the wonderful positive feelings needed.



Now that we have covered what it is you desire and why you desire it, we must now set a deadline. By doing so you give yourself a goal to work towards, you give the Universe a end point. You want to set this goal for no more than 6 months in advance, while also being reasonable with it. You don’t want to say “I make $100,00 a month” and set the goal for 1 month for now if you don’t actually believe you can make the amount. While we want you to dream beyond limits, you have to build that belief up like you do a muscle. If that belief is not there, you will not manifest your desires. I’ve always found it more effective to have an end goal, but then also have smaller goals along the way, each of which brings you a step closer to that ultimate prize. By breaking it up into smaller, more achievable goals you allow yourself the time and space to attract your desires.

Another tip, if you are approaching the end of your deadline, but have yet to manifest your desire, adjust the deadline. It is better to adjust the deadline, then to feel stress, to feel negativity, than to beat yourself up over it. You never want to associate your desires or the journey to them with negative feelings, with inadequacy.



You’re doing great so far! You have a clear vision of your desires, you know your why, and when you want to have it by. Now is when we start taking steps towards achieving them, it is not enough to simply want something. The Universe goes gaga for INSPIRED ACTION, for when you take steps towards accomplishing your desires you send a very clear message to the Universe that you are serious about manifesting your desires, that you are open and ready to receive the abundance you seek.

Inspired action can be any number of things:

If you are trying to manifest true love; start putting yourself out there, go on dates, socialize, open your heart to love.

If you are trying to manifest your dream house; start looking up houses that are similar to it, draw up blueprints for it, create a shopping list filled with all the decorations you will use.

If you are trying to manifest financial freedom; start working on the side hustle you have always been wanting, send your resume into your dream job (even if you think you are vastly under-qualified for it), leave the dead end soul sucking job and get a job in a field you love (by doing this you will be much happier, and will attract more opportunities into your life).

If you are trying to manifest self-love; meditate, do yoga, start using affirmations, go get a new haircut, buy a new wardrobe, do whatever you need to.

Those are but a few examples, as the actions you take are up to you, so long as you’re taking action.



By now you have created a clear, concise, and undeniably strong vision filled with a plethora of details, that evokes strong positive emotions. You know exactly what you want, why you want it, when you want it by, and the step you will take to get it. Now it is time to start manifesting those desires, it is time to train that belief muscle. For some this is the easiest step, for others it is the greatest struggle.

Another important aspect in manifestation is showing gratitude, if you are not grateful for what you already have, if you spend all your time bitching about what you do not have, if you focus an insane amount of time an energy focusing on all the “bad” things in your life, the Universe will only send you more of that. Our thoughts, our words, our feelings create our reality.

So, instead of focusing on all that you do not have or do not want, instead:

Say ALOUD 3 things you a grateful for, every day when you wake up.

Then every time a negative thought creeps in your head, or you feel yourself focusing on the “bad” say something positive, say something you are grateful for.

Then do a gratitude rampage before bed each night. Gratitude rampage is a rapid fire list of all the things you are grateful for. This can be anything from the trees, your eyes, your family, the food on your plate, to the moon and more. The goal here is to raise your vibrations, to lift you up, to show you all the wonderful blessings you have in your life.

ALWAYS MAKE SURE TO SAY YOUR GRATITUDES OUT LOUD. Also keeping a gratitude journal is another way to further, the power of them.

The next tip for fostering that is belief is to read your answers to the first 2 steps, every single day. Set a reminder, put it on your calendar do what you must to make it a habit. Spend at least 20 minutes visualizing it, allow yourself the time and space to feel yourself with these desires. Meditate on it, light candles, incense, diffuse essential oils, use crystals, do whatever you need to, so that you can relax and enter the vortex. Do this just before you go to bed and after you do your gratitude rampage. By doing it after your gratitude rampage your vibes are already high, so it will make visualizing much more effective. While it is better to say your desires aloud, it is not required. What I do is record it and play the recording while I am meditating, this way it is still being spoken aloud in my own voice, but allows me the energy to be able to focus on the visualization.


When your life seems to be crashing and burning all around you, try to find the lesson in it, try to see the silver lining. Remind yourself that it is just making room for something better. There is always a reason behind everything, whether it be a lesson to be learned, the end of something that no longer serves you or your highest self. It can also be the removal of someone who is no longer what you need in your life, whether they be toxic, are holding you back, or aren’t a part of your next chapter.

Ask yourself these questions when you’re struggling:

Why is this happening?

What can I learn from this?

What can I do to change this?

Using crystals & metaphysical tools is a fantastic way to further enhance you in manifesting your desires. This can be everything from reading tarot/oracle, meditation, diffusing oils/smells that attract your desires, utilizing moon magic and so much more. For me personally, as a practicing Pagan, I integrate much of the metaphysical and spiritual world not only into my everyday life, but especially into my manifestation rituals. It allows me to connect with my higher self, with my guides, to tap into the vortex, and makes my manifestation work that much stronger. It is one of my best tools and one I recommend to all my friends and clients. I know, however the esoteric/metaphysical world can be intimidating to some as there is much controversy and taboo surrounding it, especially depending upon your upbringing. Just integrate what you feel comfortable with. Start small with incense, with diffusing essential oils whose properties/smells are correlated with your desires. Then start adding more and more to the mix. Tarot for me is one of my favorite tools, as it allows me to connect with my guides and my higher self. It is also an amazing tool for training your intuition, which will help you see and seize opportunities when they are presented to you.

Watch your words, keep yourself aware of the words you speak, of the way you see things, the emotions you feel throughout the day. Look for patterns, see what you can do to change them. As I have said many times over now, your reality is created by your words, your thoughts, your emotions, & your actions. Words have a ton of power, so use them wisely. Make sure they are helping you rather than hindering you.

Finally, HAVE FUN!

Do not turn this into a chore, do not put pressure on yourself, and definitely don’t beat yourself up when you do feel sad, angry, ungrateful, or whatever not so positive emotions you may be feeling. We are all human after all. Allow yourself the time and space to feel what you need to, allow yourself to work through those feelings, don’t just push them away because you must be positive. In the end that will only do more harm than good, as it is IMPOSSIBLE to always be positive. You do not want to wind up associating manifestation or your desires with something negative, something tedious, something you dread. You want to make sure that when you are doing these tips & visualizations you leave feeling happy.

Use AFFIRMATIONS to manifest your desires. ALWAYS make sure you use present tense for them. “ I AM” (This one is incredibly powerful) “I MAKE” “I HAVE” “I OWN” “I LOVE” I DRIVE” it is just like when writing your desires, you want to picture them as already existing in your life. I know this sounds impossible in the beginning, but over time you will find yourself actually believing it. Affirmations are a fantastic tool that helps you to grow and build that belief even more. If you choose to write them, write them in all CAPS. If you just choose to say them, make sure to do so OUT LOUD, also looking in a mirror (while it feels awkward at first), really helps especially with self-love ones.

I am sure I shall think of more over time, but this is a great starting place.

As always,